Illya Petrov

written on Saturday, December 24, 2011

I`m sofware developer and I like living this way. I believe lots of people already wrote tons of reasons why this job is so cool.


  • python
  • react.js, vue
  • django (hate this one)
  • linux kernel drivers
  • ARM
  • hardcore unix user

I like microframeworks, nosql, unix and thin fanless ARM notebooks. You can hire me on position of web developer. As the code I write works not only in my mind, I`m interested in system-level things, like linux virtualisation, kernel-space and server software.

Maby I should say its more interesting to deploy code then just write it, but getting hired as developer is much easer then system administrator or unix guru.

Job experience

  • Signrequest B.V. (July 2019 - till now) - vue.js, pdfjs;
  • Getgoing Inc / BCD Travel (Feb 2015 - July 2019) - react.js, redux, python;
  • Cogniance/Cloudmade (Sep 2013 - Feb 2015) - tornado, zmq, data aggregation;
  • (few times in 2013) - video recoding on arm device with gst and python;
  • Mamba dating service, social apps (Sep 2011 - Mar 2012) - social apps on GAE platform;
  • 42 Coffee Cups (Summer 2011);
  • IPark Ventures, api (Apr 2010 - Jun 2011);
  •, game server development (Dec 2008 - Mar 2010).

Open Source

Everything I know about programming is thanks to Open Source and I`m giving it back. I`m the author and contributor of Linux kernel ports to various ARM devices like EEEPad transformer, Toshiba AC100 cloudbook and some old Motorola smarphones.

Working on so different projects gives me understanding of some similarity of core concepts across all well-designed systems.

In 2014 I have built a number of libraries and web services that relied on Ukrainian national cryptography (ECC DSTU 4145) and PKI infrastracture, including OAuth2 gateware, in-group voting service, libraries implementing this standards and tax declaration signing app. Most of this is open-sourced at


Despite we programmers claim to live in that magic place called Internet, I am originally from Odessa, Ukraine and after almost five years in South East Asia I finally moved back to Europe and line in Amsterdam.

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